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[ 關鍵詞:英語六級真題]

PartI Writing ( 30minutes)

  Directions: For this part, you areallowed 30 minutes to write an essay explaining why it is unwise to put allyour eggs in one basket. You can give examples to illustrate your point .Youshould write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

  Directions: For this part, you areallowed 30 minutes to write an essay explaining why it is unwise a person bytheir appearance. You can give examples to illustrate your point .You shouldwrite at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

  Directions: For this part, you areallowed 30 minutes to write an essay explaining why it is unwise to jump toconclusions upon seeing or hearing something. You can give examples toillustrate your point .You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200words.

  Part Ⅱ Listening Comprehension (30 minutes)

  Section A

  Directions:In this section,youwill hear 8 short conversations and 2 long conversations.At the end of eachconversation, one or more questions will be asked about what was said.Both theconversation and the questions will be spoken only once.After each questionthere will be a pause.During the pause,you must read the four choices markedA),B),C)and D),and decide which is the best answer.Then mark the correspondingletter on Answer Sheet1 with a single line through the centre.


  1.A)They might be stolen goods

  B)They might be fake products

  C)They might be faulty products

  D)They might be smuggled good

  2.A)They are civil servants

  B)They are job applicants

  C)They are news reporters

  D)They are public speakers

  3.A)The man has decided to quithis computer class

  B)The woman wants to get a degreein administration

  C)A computer degree is a must foradministrative work

  D)The man went to change the timeof his computer class

  4.A)A lot of contestantsparticipated in the show

  B)The fifth contestant won thebiggest prize

  C)It was not as exciting as he hadexpected

  D)It was sponsored by a carmanufacturer

  5.A)Reading a newspaper column

  B)Looking at a railway timetable

  C)Driving form New York to Boston

  D)Waiting for someone at theairport

  6.A)He wears a coat bought in themall

  B)He got a new job at thebarbershop

  C)He had a finger hurt last night

  D)He had his hair cut yesterday

  7.A)He cannot appreciate thePicasso exhibition

  B)Even his nephew can draw as wellas Picasso

  C)He is not quite impressed withmodern paintings

  D)Some drawings by kindergartenkids are excellent

  8.A)He should not put the cart before the horse

  B)His conduct does not square withhis words

  C)His attitude to studentgovernment has changed

  D)He has long been involved in student government

  Questions 9 to 11 are based on theconversation you have just heard

  9.A)She left her own car inManchester

  B)Something went wrong with hercar

  C)She wants to go traveling on theweekend

  D)Her car won,t be back in aweek,s time





  11.A)Third-party insurance

  B)Value-added tax



  Questions 12 to 15 are based onthe conversation you have just heard

  12.A)How to update the basicfacilities

  B)What to do to enhance theirposition

  C)Where to locate their plant

  D)How to attract investments

  13.A)Their road link to other European countries is fast

  B)They are all located in thesouth of France

  C)They are very close to eachother

  D)Their basic facilities are good

  14.A)Try to avoid making a hastydecision

  B)Take advantage of the train links

  C)Talk with the local authorities

  D)Conduct field surveys first

  15.A)Future product distribution

  B)Local employment policies

  C)Road and rail links for smalltowns

  D)Skilled workforce in the hillyregion

  Section B

  Directions:In this section,youwill hear 3 short passages..At the end of each passage, you will hear somequestions.Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only once.After youhear a question,you must choose the best answer from the four choices markedA),B),C)and D).Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 1 with asingle line through the centre.


  Passage one

  Questions 16 to 18 are based on thepassage you have just haard.

  16.A)One fifth of them were on badterms with their sisters and broithers.

  B)About one eighth of themadmitted to lingering bitter feelings.

  C)More than half of them wereinvolved in inheritance disputes.

  D)Most of them had broken withtheir sisters and brothers.

  17.A)Less concern with moneymatters.

  B)More experience in worldlyaffairs.

  C)Advance in age.

  D)Freedom from work.

  18.A)They have little time left torenew contact with their brothers and sisters.

  B)They tend to forget past unhappymemories and focus on their present needs .

  C)They are more tolerant of oneanother.

  D)They find close relatives morereliable.

  Passage Two

  Questions 19 to 22 are based onthe passage you have just heard.

  19.A)They have bright colors andintricate patterns.

  B)They can only survive in partsof the Americas.

  D)They have strong wings capableof flying long distances.

  20.A)In a Michigan mountainforest.

  B)In a Louisiana mountain forest.

  C)In a Kentucky mountain forest.

  D)In aMexican mountain forest.

  21.A)Each flock of butterflieslays eggs in the same states.

  B)They start to lay eggs when theyare nine months old.

  C)Each generation in a cycle layseggs at a different place.

  D)Only the strongest can reachtheir destination to lay eggs.

  22.A)Evolution of monarchbutterflies.

  B)Living habits of monarchbutterflies.

  C)Migration patterns of monarchbutterflies.

  D)Environmental impacts on monarch butterfly life.

  Passage Three

  Questions 23 to 25 are based onthe passage you habe just heard.

  23.A)Time has become more limited

  B)Time has become more precious

  C)Time is money

  D)Time is relative

  24.A)Americams now attach moreimportance to the effective use of time.

  B)Americans today have more freetime than earlier generations

  C)The number of hours Americanswork has increased steadily

  D)More and more Americans feel pressed for time nowadays

  25.A)Our interpersonalrelationships improve

  B)Our work efficiency increasesgreatly.

  C)Our living habits are altered

  D)Our behavior is changed

  Section C

  Directions: In this section,youwill hear a passage three times.when the passage isRead for the first time,youshould listen carefully for its general idea.when the passage is read for the secondtime.you are required to fill the blanks with the exact words you have justheard ,Finally,when the passage is read for the third time,you should checkwhat you have written.

  The first copyright law in the United States was passed by Congressin1790. .In1976 Congress enacted the latest copyright law, __(26) __ thetechnological developments that had occurredsince the passage of the Copyright Act of 1909. For example,in 1909,anyone whowanted to make a single copy of a __(27) __ workfor personal use had to do so by hand.The very process__(28) __ a limitation on the quantity of materials copied. Today, aphotocopier can do the work in seconds; the limitation has diasppeared. The 1909 law did not provide fullprotection for films and suond recording,nordid it__(29) __ the need to protect radio and television. As a result,__(30) __of the law and abuese of the intent of the law have lessened the__(31)__ rewards of authors,artises,and producers.The1976 Copyright Act has not prevented these abuses fully, but it has clarifiedthe legal rights of the injured parties and given them an__(32) __for remedy.

  since 1976 the Act has been__(33)__ to inclued computer sofrware,and guiedlines have been adpoted for fair use of television broadcases.These changes havecleared up much of the confusion and conflictthat followed__(34) __ the 1976 legislation.

  The fine points of the law are decided by the courts and by acceptablecommon practice over time.As these decisions and agreements are made,we modifyour behavior accordingly. For now,we need to__(35) __ the law and itsguidelines as accurately as we can and to act in a fair manner.

  Part III Rdading Comprehension (40minutes)

  Section A

  Directions:In this section, thereis a passage with ten blanks,You are required to select One word for each blankfrom a list of choices given in a word bank following the passage.

  Read the passage through carefully before making yourchoices. Each choice in the bamk is identified by a letter.Please mark thecorresponding letter for each item on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre You may not useany of the words in the bank more than once.

  For investors who desire low riskand guaranteed income,U.S. Government bonds are a secure investment becausethese bonds have the financial backing and full faith and credit of the federalgovernment.Municipal bonds,also secure,are offered by local governmengts andoften have____36______such as tax-free interest.Some may even be____37______.Corportate bonds are a bit more risky.

  Two questionsoften_____38_____first-time corportate bond investors.The first is”If I purchase a corportate bond,do I have to hold it until thematueity date?”The answer is no.Bonds are bought and sold daily on____39_____securities exchanges.However,if your bond does not have____40_____that make it attractive to other investors, you may be forced to sell your bondat a____41____i.e., a price less than the bond’s face value. But if your bond is highly valued by otherinvestors, you may be able to sell it at a premium, i.e., a price above itsface value. Bond prices gcncrally____42____ inversely (相反地)with current market interest rates. Asinterest rates go up, bond pnccs tall, and vice versa (反之亦然).Thus, like all investments,bonds have adegree of risk.

  The second question is “How can I ___43_______ the investment risk of a particular bondissue?” Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s Investors Service rate the level of risk of many corporateand government bonds. And ____44______, the higher the market risk of a bond,the higher the interest rate. Investors willinvest in a bond considered risky only if the _____45_____return is highenough.


  A) advantages I) fluctuate

  B) assess J) indefinite

  C) bother K) insured

  D) conserved L) major

  E) deduction M) naturally

  F) discount N) potential

  G) embarrass 0) simultaneously

  H) features

  Section B

  Directions:In this section,youare going to read a passage with ten statments attached to it.each statementcontains information given in one of the paragraphs.identify the paragraph fromweich the information is derived.you may choose a parpgraph more than once.eachparagraph is marked with a letter.answer the questions by marking thecorresponding letter on answer sheet 2.

  lessons from a Feminist Paradise

  [A]On the surface,Sweden appearsto be a feminist paradise.Look at any global survey of gender equality andSweden will be near the top.Family-friendly policies are its norm-with 16months of paid parental leave,special protections for part-time workers,and state-subsidizedpreschools where,according to a government website,"gender-awarenesseducation is increasingly common."due to an unfficial quota system,womenhold 45 percent of positions in the swedish parliament.they have enjoyed theprotection of government agencies with titles like the Ministry of Integrationand Gender Equality and the Secretariat of Gender Research.So why are Americanwomen so far ahead of their Swedish counterparts in breaking through the glassceiling?

  [B]in a 2012 report,the World EconomicForum found that when it comes to closing the gender gap in"econmicparticipation and opportunity,"the United States is ahead of not onlySweden but also Finland,Denmark,the Netherlands,Iceland,Germany,and the UnitedKingdom.Sweden's rank in the report can largely be explained by its politicalquota system.Though the United States has fewer women in the workorce(68percent compared to Sweden's 77 percent).American women who choose to beemployed are far more likely to work full-time and to hold high-level jobs asmanangers or professionals.They also own more businesses,lauch more start-ups(新創辦的企業),and more often work in traditionally malefields.As for breaking through the glass ceiling in business,American women arewell in the lead.

  [C]what explains the Americanadvantage?How can it be that societies like Sweden,where gender equality isvigorously pusued and engorced,have fewer femalemanagers,executives,professionals,and business owners than eh laissez-faire(自由放任的)united states?A new study by clrnelleconomists Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn gives an explanation.

  [D]Generous parental leavepolicies and readily available part-time options have unintendedconsequences:instead of strengthening women's attachment to the workplace,theyappear to weaken it.In addition to a 16-month leave,a swedish parent has theright to work six hours a day (for a reduced salary)until his or her child iseight years old.Mothers are far more likely than fathers to take advantage ofthis law,But extended leaves and part-time employment are known to be harmfulto careers—for both genders. And with women a second factor comes intoplay:most seem to enjoy the flexible-time arrangement(once known as the “mommytrack”)and never find their way back tofull-time or high-level employment.In sum:generous family-friendly policies dokeep more women in the labor market,but they also tend to diminisb theircareers.

  [E] According to Blau andKahn,Swedish-style paternal(父親的)leavepolicies and flexibletime arrangements pose a second threat to woman’s progress:they make employers cautious about hiring woman forfull-time positions at all.Offering ajob to a man is the safer bet.He is farless likely to take a year of parental leave and then return on a reduced workschedule for the next eight years.

  [F]I became aware of the triale ofcareer-focused European woman a few years ago when I met a post-doctoralstudent from Germany who was then a visiting fellow at Johns Hopkins. She wasastonished by the professional possibilities afforded to young American woman.Her best hope in Germany was agovermment job—prospects for woman in the private sector were dim.”In Germany “ she told me,”we have all the benefits,”but employers don’t’ wan to hire us.”

  [G] Swedish economists MagnusHenrekson and Mikael Stenkula addressed the following question in their 2009study:why are there so few female top executives in the European egalitarian(平等主義的)welfare states?Their answer:”Broad-based welfare-state policies hinder women’s representation in elitecompetitive positions.”

  [H] It is tempting to declare theSwedish policies regressive(退步的)and hail theAmerican system as superior.But that would be shortsighted.The Swedes cancertainly take a lesson from the United States and look for ways to clear apath for their ambitious female careerists. But most woman are not committsdcareerists.When the Pew Research Center recently asked American parents toidentify their”ideal”life arrangement,47 percent of mothers said they would prefer towork park-time and 20percent said they would prefer not to work at all.Fathersanswered differrntly:75 percent preferred full-time work.Some version of theSwedish system might work well for a majority of American parents,but theUnited States is unlikely to fully embrace the Swedish model. Still,we canlearn from their experience.

  [I] Despite its failure to shatter the glass ceiling,Sweden has one ofthe most powerful and innovative economies in the world.In its2011-2012survey,the World Economic Forum ranked Sweden as the “rockstar of the recovery”in the Washington Post,also leads the world in life satisfactionand happiness. It is a society well worth studying,and its efforts to conquerthe gender gap impart a vital lesson—though not the lesson the Swedeshad in mind。

  [J] Sweden has gone farther thanany other nation on earth to integrate the sexes and to offer women the sameopportunities and freedoms as men.For decades,these descendants of the Vikingshave been trying to show the world that the right mix of enlinghtenedpolicy.consciousness raising, and non-sexist child rearingwould close thegender divide once and for all.Yet the divide persists.

  [K] A 2012 press release fromStatistics Sweden bears the title “Gender Equality in SwedenTreading(踩)Water” and notes:

  1、The total income from employment for all ages is lower for womenthan for men.

  2、One in three employed women and one in ten employed men work part-time.

  3、Women's working time is influenced by the number and age oftheirchildren, but men′s working time is not affected bythese factors.

  4、Of all employees,only 13 percent of thewomen and 12 percent of the men have occupations with an even distribution ofthe sexes.

  [L] Confronted with such facts,some Swedish activists and legislators are demanding more ex-treme andfar-reaching measures, such as replacing male and female pronouns with aneutral alternative and monitoring children more closely to correct them whenthey gravitahta(被吸引) toward genderedplay. When it came to light last year that mothers, far more than fathers,chose to stay home from work to care for their sick kids. Ulf Kristersson.minister of social security, quickly commissioned a study to determine thecauscs of and possiiblce cures for this disturbing stale of affairs.

  [M]Swcdish family policies, byaccommodating women's preferences efleetively, are reduting the number of womenin elite competitive positions. The Swedes will find this paradoxical and tryto find solutions. Let us hope these do not include banning gender pronouns,policing children′s play, implementing more gender quotas, or treating women′s special attachment to home and family as a social injustice.Most mothers do not aspire to (向往) elite,competitive full-time positions: the Swedish policies have given them thefreedom and opportunity to live the lives they prefer. Americans should lookpast the gender rhetoric and consider what these Scandina-vians have achieved.On their way to creating a feminist paradise, the Swedes have uninten-tionallycreated a haven (避風港) for normal mortals.


  46.Sweden has done more than othernations to close the gender gap. but it conimucs 10 exist.

  47.Sweden is one of the mostcompetitive economics life satisfaction.

  48. More American women hold elitejob positions in business than Swedish women.

  49. Swedish family-friendlypolicies tend to exert a negative influence on women′s careers.

  50.The quota system in Swedenensures women′s better representation ingovernment.

  51.Though the Swedish modelappears workable for most American parents, it may not be accepted by them inits entirety.

  52.Swedish women are allowed thefreedom and opportunity to choose their own way of life.

  53.Swedish employers are hesitantabout hiring women for full-time positions because of the family-friendly policies.

  54.Gender-awareness education isbecoming more and more popular in state-subsidized preschools in Sweden.

  55.Some lawmakers in Swedenpropose that genderless pronouns be used in the Swedish language.

  Section C

  Directions:There are 2 passages in this section. Each passage is followed by somequestions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choicesmarked A). B). C) and D). You should decide on the best choice and mark thecorresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.

  Passage One

  Questions 56to 60 are based on the following passage.

  Texting haslong been bemoaned (哀嘆)as the downfall of the written word,””penmanship for illiter,”as one criticcalled it. To which the proper response is LOL.

  Textingproperly isn′t writing at all. It′s a “spoken” language that is getting richer and more complexby the year.

  First,somehistorical perspective. Writing was only invented 5,500 years ago. whereasIanguage probably traces back at least 80.000 years. Thus talking came first;writing is just a craft that came along later. As such, the first writing wasbased on the way people talk,with short sentences.

  However,while talking is largely subconscious and rapid, writing is deliberate andslow, Over time,writers took advantage of this and started cratting long-windedsentences such as this one:The whole engagement lasted above 12 hours, till thegradual retreat of the Per trsians was changed into a disorderlyflight, of which the shameful example was given by the principal leaders and……”

  No one talkslike that casually — or should. But it is natural to desire to do so forspecial occasions. In the old days, we didn’t much write like talking because therewas no mechanism to reproduce the speed of conversation. But texting andinstant messaging do — and a revolution has begun. It involves the crude mechanicsof writing, but in its economy, spontaneity and even vulgaritv. texting isactually a new kind of talking, with its own kind of grammar and conventions.

  Take LOL. Itdoesn’t actuallymean “laughing outloud” in a literalsense anymore. LOL has evolved into something much subtler and sophisticatedand is used even when nothing is remotely amusing. Jocelyn texts “Where haveyou been?” andAnnabelle texts back ,LOL at the library studying for two hours.” LOL signalsbasic empath)’(同感)betweentcxters. easing tension and creating a sense of equality. Instead of having aliteral meaning, it docs something - conveying an attitude — just likethe -cd ending conveys past tense rather than “meaning.,anything. LOL. of all things, isgrammar.

  Of course noone thinks about that consciously. But then most of communication operateswithout being noticed. Over time, the meaning of a word or an expression driftsmeat used to mean any kind of food, silly used to mean, believe it or not,blessed.

  Civilization,then,isfine 一 people banging away on their smartphones arefluently using a code separate from the one they use in actual writing, andthere is no evidence that texting is ruining composition skills. Worldwidepeople speak differently from the w ay they write, and texting -quick, casualand only intended to be read once — is actually a way of talking with yourfingers.

  56. What docritics say about texting?

  A) It is mainlyconfined to youngsters

  B) It competeswith traditional writing.

  C) It willruin the wnttcn language.

  D) It isoften hard to understand.

  57. In what waydoes the author say writing is different from talking?

  A) It is craftedwith specific skills.

  C) It doesnot have as long a history.

  B) It expressesideas more accuratcly.

  D) It is notas easy to comprehend.

  58. Why is LOLmuch used in tcxting?

  A) It bringstextcrs closer to each other.

  B) It shows thetcxtcr's sophistication.

  C) It is atrendy way to communicate

  D) It adds tothe humor of the text

  59. Examples likemeat and silly are cited to show

  A) thedifTerencc between writing and talking

  B) howdifTercntly words are used in tcxting

  C) why peopleuse the words the way they do

  D) the gradualchange of word meaning

  60.what doesthe author think of texting?

  A)Itfacilitates exchange of ideas among people.

  B)It is a newform of verbal communication.

  C)Itdeteriorates pelple's composition skills.

  D)It hastensthe decline of the written word.

  Passage Two

  Questions61to 65are based on the following passage.

  it's possibleto admire oprah winfrey and still wish Harvard hadn't awarded her an honorarydoctor of law degree and the commencement(畢業典禮)speaker spot at yesterday's graduation.There's noquestion Oprah's achievements place her in the temple of American successstories. Talent,charm,and an exceptional work ethic have rarely hurled anyoneof world's most successful entertainment icons and the first African-Americanfemale billionaire.

  Honorarydegrees are often conferred on non-academic leaders in the arts,business,andpolitics.Harvard's list in recent years has included Kofi fi Annan,BillGates,Meryl Streep,and David Souter.But Oprah's list in recent years hasincluded Kofi Annan,Bill Gates,Mery1 Streep,and david souter.But Oprah'sparticular brand of celebrity is not a good fit for the values of a universitywhose motto(座右銘),Veritas,means truth.Oprah's passionate advocacyextends,unfortunately,to a hearty embrace of fake science.Mostnotoriously,Oprah's validation of jenny McCarthy's claim that vaccines causeautism(自閉癥)has no doubt contributed to much harmthrough the foolish avoidance of vaccines.

  Famous peoplearc entitled to a few failings, like the rest of us. and the choice ofcommencement speakers often reflects a balance of insututional pnonties andaspirations. Judging from our conversations with many students. Oprah was awidely popular choice.

  But this voteof confidence in Oprah sends a troubling message at precisely the time whenAmerican univereities need to do more to advance the cause of reason. As formerDean of Harvard College. Harry Lewis, noted in a blog post about hisobjections. “It seems vcrvodd for Harvard to honor such a high profile popularizer of the irrational…… at a timewhen political and religious nonsense so jeopardize the rule of reason in thisallegedly enlightened democracy and around the world.”

  As America′s oldest andmost visible university. Harvard has a spccial opportunity to convey itsrespcct for science not only through its research and teaching programs butalso in its public affirmation of evidence-based inquiry.

  Unfortunately,many American universitiesseem awfully busy protecting their brand name and not nearly busy enoughprotecting the pursuit of knowledge. A recent article in The Harvard Crimsonnoted the shocking growth of Harvard′s public relations arm in the last fiveyears and it questioned whether a focus on risk management and avoidingcontroversywas really the best outward-looking face of this great institution.

  As Americanresearch universities begin to resemble profit centers and entertainment complexes, it’s easy tolose sight of their primary mission; to produce and spread knowledge.This missiondepends on traditions of rational discourse and vigorous defense of the scientificmethod.Oprah Winfrey’s honoray doctorate was a step in the wrong direction.

  61.what do welearn about Oprah Winfrey from the passage?

  A)She was adistinguished graduate of H arvard School of LaW.

  B)She workedher way to success in the entertainment industry.

  C)She used toabuse her children when she was a young mother.

  D)Sheachieved her fame through persistent advocacy of fake science.

  62.Why doesthe author deem it inappropriate for Harvard to confer an honorary degree onOprah winfrey?

  A) She did notspecialize in the study of law.

  B)She wasknown as a supporter of fake science.

  C)She was an iconof the entertainment industry

  D)She had notdistinguished herself academically.

  63.How didHarry Lewis react to Harvard’s decision in his blong post ?

  A)He wasstrongly against it.

  B)Heconsidered it unpopular.

  C)He thoughtit would help enhance Harvard’s reputation.

  D)He thoughtit represented the will ofthe Harvard community.

  64.What isthe author’s regretabout many American universities?

  A)They show inadequate respect forevidence-based inquiry

  B)They fallshort of expectations in teaching and research

  C)They attachtoo much importance to public relations

  D)They aretolerant of political and religious nonsense

  65.What doesthe author think a prestigious university like H arvard should focus on?

  A)Cultivationof student creativity

  B)Liberationof the human mind

  C)Liberationof the human mind

  D)Pursuit ofknowledge and truth

  Part IV Translation (30minutes)


  北京計劃未來三年投資7,600億元治理污染,從減少PM2.5排放入手,這一新公布的計劃旨在減少四種主要污染源,包括500多萬倆機動車的尾氣(exhaust)排放、周邊地區燃煤、來自北方的沙塵暴和本地的建筑灰塵。另有850億元用于新建或升級城市垃圾處理和污水(sewage)處理設施,加上300億元投資未來三年的植樹造林(forestation) 市政府還計劃建造一批水循環利用工廠,并制止違章建筑,以改善環境。另外,將更嚴厲地處罰違反限排規定的行為。


  最近,中國科學院(Chinese A cademy of Sciences ) 出版了關于其最新科學發現與未來一年展望的年度系列報告。系列報告包括三部分:科學發展報告、高技術發展報告、中國可持續發展戰略報告。第一份報告包含中國科學家的最新發現,諸如新粒子研究與H7N9病毒研究的突破,該報告還突出強調了未來幾年需要關注的問題。第二份報告公布了一些應用科學研究的突破。該報告還突出強調了未來幾年需要關注的問題。第二份報告公布了一些應用科學研究的熱門領域。如3D打印和人造器官研究。第三份報告呼吁加強頂層設計,以消除工業升級中的結構性障礙,并促進節能減排。


  中文熱詞通常反映社會變化和文化,有些在外國媒體上愈來愈流行。例如,土豪(tuhao)和大媽(dama)都是老詞,但是已獲取了新的意義。 土豪以前指欺壓佃戶和仆人的鄉村地主,現在用于指花錢如流水或者喜歡炫耀財富的人,也就是說,土豪有錢,但沒有品位。大媽是對中年婦女的稱呼,但現在特指不久前金價下跌時大量購買黃精的中國婦女。土豪和大媽可能會被人收入新版牛津(Oxford)英語詞典,至今已有約120個中文詞被加進了牛津英語詞典,成為了英語語言的一部分。










  跟去年12月份的六級相比,作文難度依然保持不變。這次六級作文的題目則中規中矩,同去年題材相似,都是引語論述題,這也是課堂上給各位學員重點強調的未來一段時間大學英語六級作文的命題方向,就是想辦法拜托作文模板,考查考生的邏輯思辨和分析能力,進而考出考生真正的英語語言應用能力。比如“Why is it unwise to jump into conclusions upon seeing orhearing?”很像辯論賽的題目,“是眼見為實還是眼見為虛”,結合社會現實和英語諺語“seeing is believing”,要透露出的信息其實就是“seeing is not believing”,擴展開來就是要通過大腦去分析。如最近火熱的文章和馬伊利,表面上看起來是真愛,但是結果卻令人嘆息。所以得到文章結論。同理的還有“It is unwise to put all eggs in one basket.”。而“It is unwise to judge a person by appearance.不要以貌取人”。其實不管怎樣出題,快速形成自己的觀點,聯系社會現實和考生自己總是其中不變的規律和大學四六級針對在校大學生的考試特點。


  why it is unwise to judge a personby their appearance.

  There is a Chinese saying goeslike this: men cannot be judged by their looks. I cannot agree with this pointof view any more.

  On the one hand, though a charmingappearance will leave a good impression on others, one’s look can seldom reflects his or her qualities, capacities andethics. We cannot say those who are good-looking are more capable and morecultivated than those who are average-looking or ugly-looking. There are somany people who do not have good appearances have made great achievements forthe progress of mankind, such as Stephen William Hawking who are even crippled.On the other hand, our appearances are decided by our genes, which are inborn,while our qualities can be cultivated as we grow. We can enrich our minds bylearning, but which cannot be reflected on the appearances.

  To summarize, judging people byappearance is unwise. Therefore I suggest that we should focus on one’s inner world rather than their appearance.


  As old people always put it,"Never judge a book by its cover." However, in most cases, we judge aperson just by external appearances. For example, sometimes when we walk downthe street at night, we choose to avoid people who are acting tough and loud.In this way we tend to make wrong decisions, because judging someone byappearance can be deceptive.

  In dairy life, we try to stay awayfrom people who are called the "bad guy" because they dress a certainway. But we may miss an opportunity to make a good friend, because judgmentsbased on external appearances prevent us from getting to really know a person.If we take the time to get to know the person, we might become friends.

  Therefore, in my opinion, judgingpeople just by appearance is superficial and often unfair. After all, we don'tknow what circumstances the person might be facing or who the person really is.Please embrace everyone you meet and not judge him just by appearances.


  Why is it unwise to jump intoconclusions upon seeing or hearing?

  Living in an age when theadolescents are lack of the necessary guidance and supervision, we can neverfail to figure out the fact that teenagers are become especiallyself-conscious. Under this circumstance, the youngsters are more likely tobelieve in what they have listened or seen instead of thinking twice beforedrawing their conclusions, which is pathetically and undoubtedly consideredcontroversial or even unreasonable.

  The reasons why I insist on theviewpoint that we should never directly and irresponsibly come to conclusionsonly by listening or seeing mainly lie in the following two aspects. To beginwith, it is a invariable law to every existence in the world that nothing willstay still even for just one second.So are the things happening around us. Whatwe see or listen may be just some particular period of the development ofthings, which proves unstable and changeable. In addition, the perspectives weconclude just through seeing or listening are usually one-sided. Drawingconclusions rashly is not objective enough to make our statements persuasive.

  To sum up, it is unwise for us todefine any thing as what we assume or imagine at first sight. Only by ourserious thinking and accurate analyzing can we come up with more rational andreasonable conclusions.


  It is unwise to put all eggs inone basket.

  As a common saying goes, “It is unwise to put all eggs in one basket. ”Placing all eggs in one basket means focus all our attention onone thing and fix all our hope on one thing. However, It is wrong andreasonless.

  Why placing all eggs in one basketis wrong ? Placing all eggs in one basket tends to reduce the odds of success.By focusing on one thing , people will surely improve their efficiency andproficiency. However, they will also overlook other resources and possibilities,thus,the likelihood ofsuccess will be lower. Take Jack, one of my best friends, as a case in point:he started to hunt for jobs in his senior year. Compared with other studentswho chose different kinds of jobs, he aimed at state-owned firms alone.Unfortunately, getting a decent job in state-owned firms is really hard forhim. At last, when others got a job, he was still on the way to his interviews.suppose he choose jobs in a wider range and “place all eggs in different baskets”, he could have gotten a job much easier. Putting all eggs in one basket in unwise, a truth which isapplicable to many situations.

  As a college student,we should endeavor to master more skills,accumulate different experience and make friends with diverse people.








  36.A advantages

  37.K insured

  38. C bother

  39. L major

  40. H features

  41. F discount

  42. I fluctuate

  43. B assess

  44. M naturally

  45. N potential











  46. J

  47. I

  48. B

  49. D

  50. B

  51. H

  52. M

  53. E

  54. A

  55. L


  Passage One


  這是一篇關于手機短信的議論文。改編自Time的一篇題為Is Texting Killing the EnglishLanguage?的文章。文章提到手機短信因文字縮寫、話語庸俗而受到批評。作者則認為短信更接近于一種“口”語,并隨著時間的推移而變得更加豐富多彩。作者接著對文字和話語進行了歷史的展望,話語先于文字產生。手機短信作為一種新的說話方式出現,形成了自己的語法和規則。作者以LOL,meat和silly為例,指出話語的含義會隨時間推移產生變化。作者認為短信不會破壞人們的寫作技能,而是口頭交流的一種新形式。



  56. D. It is often hard tounderstand.

  57. C. It does not have as long ahistory.

  58. A. It brings texters closer toeach other.

  59. D. the gradual change of wordmeaning.

  60. B. It is a new form of verbalcommunication.

  Passage Two


  本文來自Time上一篇文章,題為“Viewpoint: Oprah as Harvard's Commencement Speaker Is anEndorsement of Phony Science”。文章從作者反對哈佛大學授予奧普拉•溫弗瑞榮譽法律博士及作為畢業典禮演講者展開,剖析現在美國大學的一些弊端。雖然榮譽學位會授予給一些非專業的領導者,但是奧普拉并不適合,她崇尚偽科學,與哈佛大學的座右銘——真理相悖。進而引出現在很多美國大學過于注重公共關系和品牌形象,忽略了追求知識的保護。隨著美國研究型大學開始仿照盈利機構和娛樂中心的做法,他們很容易忽視大學的主要使命,即產生和傳播知識。其實就是在呼吁美國著名大學,如哈佛大學,應該集中精力在追求知識和真理上。



  61 B. She worked her way tosuccess in the entertainment industry.

  62 B. She was known as a supporterof fake science.

  63 A. He was strongly against it.

  64 C. They attach too muchimportance to public relations.

  65 D. Pursuit of knowledge andtruth.









  Beijing is going to invest 760billion yuan in next three years to control pollution, beginning with cuttingdown the emission of PM 2.5 . This newly announced project aims to reduce fourmajor sources of pollution, including exhaust from 5000 thousand motorvehicles, coal-burning in surrounding areas, sandstorms from the north andlocal construction dust. Another 85 billion yuan is used to build or upgradethe facilities of disposing garbage and sewage of the city. In addition, 30billion to support afforestation programs in next three years.

  The municipal government alsoplans to construct some plants to use cycle water, banning illegalconstructions to modify the environment. Furthermore, Beijing will punish thosewho violate the rules of emission-reduction more severely.


  最近,中國科學院(Chinese A cademy of Sciences ) 出版了關于其最新科學發現與未來一年展望的年度系列報告。系列報告包括三部分:科學發展報告、高技術發展報告、中國可持續發展戰略報告。第一份報告包含中國科學家的最新發現,諸如新粒子研究與H7N9病毒研究的突破,該報告還突出強調了未來幾年需要關注的問題。第二份報告公布了一些應用科學研究的突破。該報告還突出強調了未來幾年需要關注的問題。第二份報告公布了一些應用科學研究的熱門領域。如3D打印和人造器官研究。第三份報告呼吁加強頂層設計,以消除工業升級中的結構性障礙,并促進節能減排。



  Chinese Academy of Sciencerecently published an annual report about its latest scientific findings andthe prospect of the next year. The report consists of three parts: sciencedevelopment, more advanced technology development and the sustainable strategyof China. The first one includes the latest findings of Chinese scientists,such as the research of new particle and the breakthrough in the study of H7N9virus. Furthermore, it highlights some problems we need to focus in next fewyears. The second one announces some heated fields in applied science. Forexample, the 3-dimension print and the study of human organs. The third onesuggests people enhance the top design in order to get rid of the structuralobstacles in industrial upgrading and to promote the energy-saving andemission-reduction.






  The Chinese heated words usuallyreflect social changes and culture, some of which are increasingly popular withforeign media. Tuhao and dama, for example, are both old words, but they getdifferent meanings now.

  The word tuhao used to mean rurallandlords who oppress their tenants and servants, while now it refers to peoplespending money without limits or those showing off all around. That is to say,tuhao owns money rather than taste. The word dama is used to describemiddle-aged women. However, it is regarded as a special word to call thoseChinese women who rushed to purchase gold when the gold price decreased sharplynot long ago.

  Tuhao and dama may be included inthe new Oxford dictionary. Up to now, about 120 Chinese words have been addedto it, becoming a part of English language.


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